® Picture Agency

In our archives you will find a steadily increasing number of pictures and illustrations created by renown photographers and artists, designed for public relations and use in the media.

We will gladly make an individual offer for every motive you are interested in.

Enjoy browsing through our files.® We about Us® is a young and dynamic picture agency, which offers to professional and semi-professional photographers, artists and illustrators, a forum where they can present their pictures to publishers and advertising agencies.® provides for photographers a stable, continuously expanding platform, geared towards an always changing market. It aims at providing picture material for a very large target group at a fair price.

In addition,® offers with its partner graphic layout and print services. If you need a large format display, a banner or flyers for your stall at a fair or if you are looking for high end prints on canvas or acrylic glass to enhance your office or your living-room, we offer the complete service, from the motive till to the high quality print.

Our photographers can order prints in professional quality through, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Your® Team® Prints of posters, on canvas or acrylic glass and glowing LED Frames with backlightfoils® offers through its partner various ways to have your pictures printed. Just select a motive from our archives and order it from the web shop

LED illuminated frames LED-Style / LED-Classic*

Pictures in frames, backlit by LEDs, are eye catchers in every living-room, office, surgery etc.

Put your desired motive, either your own photograph or a picture chosen from the archives of®, into the most favourable light by displaying it in a LED frame ordered from

Just send your picture or the number of the motive you have selected from the archives of® via email to

Please also tell us, which type of frame you want and the required format. We will check through your picture data make you a non-binding offer.

*For special formats and wholesale prices please inquire.

On request we will gladly develop individual designs and commercial art, too.® Information for Photographers

You are a professional photographer or photography is your intimate passion? You work with a high end single lens mirror camera? You are creative and are able to envision your artistic ideas? You want to earn money with your photographs?

Then® is your ideal address.® is a young and independent picture agency that is geared towards relating the pictures of professional and semi-professional photographers, of artists and illustrators, to editors and advertising agencies at prices, reasonable for both sides.

Every photographer knows, how much time, effort and what money he has invested into an outstanding picture. Therefore we will not get involved into the micro-stock market. We will bargain for fair remuneration on a professional level. So every single motive will be dealt with separately. We believe in fairness. Our photographers will receive 50% of the proceeds we achieve with their pictures.

In order to secure this,® will ensure by adding a watermark and assiduous control of the net that your motives will not be published illegally. We will not pass on your motives to other agencies in order to secure your and our own profile.

Our joint partner offers to print every motive in our archives on canvas, acrylic glass, as a poster or on sticky foil to be applied to doors, cars etc.

Photographers can have printed their wanted motive from with a discount of 10 %.